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BASI References and Credentials


  • BASI has been in business for 20 years, providing technical support, development, and training for small businesses.

  • We have fully supported our clients in the use of NT and Novell networks since the early 1980's, including firewalls, VPN and WAN connectivity; file, print, Web, email and fax servers; accounting systems and databases.

  • Our clients have included architects, builders, travel companies, service firms, technology companies, employment agencies, manufacturing firms, universities and public agencies.

  • We have implemented dynamic Web based applications for commercial and service organizations using back-end database tools integrated with Web pages to provide up to the moment information for users of our clients websites.

  • Our development projects have included a variety of database applications in Access, dBase, FoxPro, Rbase and SQL from simple tracking systems to large scale surveys and statistical analysis.

  • We have developed multimedia CDs for industry, education and entertainment.

  • We have trained over 4,000 corporate executives in the use of personal computers using customized material to make the experience more meaningful.

  • We have implemented groupware systems, using Lotus Notes, supporting clients in TQM practices, general enhanced business practices and control of day-to-ay business processes.


"BASI is exactly what our company needed for supporting our computer systems both in operations and communications, they are knowledgeable, flexible and most importantly 'there when you need them'-- I strongly recommend BASI's services."

—Ray Trant, CFO, a group travel agency in Massachusetts


"Bill Taylor has been a critical resource and technology advisor for our company over the last 20 years. He is knowledgeable, creative, responsive, and great to work with. He has helped launch our new website, increased our security and backup procedures, increased our productivity and reduced our technology expenses. I would highly recommend him."

—Dave Munn, President of a technology services marketing association


"We have been working with Bill Taylor for nearly 15 years. We have always been happy with his work, but equally important, we know we can count on him for unbiased and commonsense advice on upgrades and improvements to our network and on other issues that affect our Information Technology environment. He works closely with us and knows how we operate and what our needs are. Bill has provided us with quality service and advice at a fair price, and we cannot ask for anything more."

—Mark Medvin COO, a banking insurance fund


"Bill Taylor's wise counsel and successful implementations over the last twenty five years have kept us at state of the art for technological applications in the construction industry. Thanks to Bill, that technology has allowed us to quadruple our business without any increase in support personnel. He has been the best investment we have made."

—Mike Cole, President of a well established Cape Cod construction company